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Scenic Route

Tampere region’s most famous cycling destination The Scenic Route (Maisemareitti) charms with ease because you can rotate it within one day. The whole trip is 30 km, so you can add some hooks and loops if you wish. I made some extra trips because I wanted to use all the day visiting as many Pyhäjärvi beaches as I could – amazingly warm spring was just so wonderful.


I started cycling in clockwise direction towards Pyynikki and Pispala (it’s just a matter of taste which way you want to rotate) and I immediately lost one hour just photographing and admiring beautifully restored wooden houses and magnificent views towards the lake.

I found most wonderful beaches for picnic and swimming and especially Villilänsaari has such beautiful bridges.

Extremely long bridge that crosses the Pyhäjärvi Lake is called Pitkäsilta – The Long Bridge, naturally.  Along that bridge you can find Cafe Rajasilta, where you can enjoy icecream or even lunch. After eating I chanced my direction towards Pirkkala and there Country Farm Reippi.

At Pirkkala I was rolling past the most beautiful landscapes of the countryside can offer.

Visit at Reippi Farm was a great fun! I met 3 weeks old horse calf (who didn´t want to be photographed), sheeps and many other traditional finnish farm animals.

I returned back to the main Scenic route and past many sunbathing sandy beaches and piers of Pirkkala. Only if water had been warmer (it was yet only May).

Following the coastline I arrive to Hatanpää Arboretum.

This Tampere city´s garden is famous of it´s massive trees, beautiful rosegarden and in the middle of the garden you can spot an idyllic Cafe Arboretum. Cafe is open only at summer season.

From here there was only few more kilometers and I was right back where I started: under the foresty Pyynikki hill. I guess that the best place ending this trip is definitely Pyynikki observation tower where you can enjoy a cup of freshly ground coffee and a fresh and delicious doughnut!

Hanna Eronen