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GPS, Navigation Apps, and Sites for Cyclists

Cycling has become an increasingly popular form of transportation and exercise. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, navigation apps can be a great tool to help you plan and navigate your routes. In this post, I’ll take a closer look at some of the cycling navigation apps and sites. The focus is […]

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Art Route of Pinsiö

1 day, circa 50 km. Art, swimming, llamas and big strawberries. What more could you even wish for a perfect summer day? Earlier in the summer, I had cycled through Nokia to Hämeenkyrö and this time I wanted to go just around Nokia. My list had interesting places where I could get to know art […]

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Chocolate & wine

The first week of September overwhelmed us all by its consistent warmth. Well, here we are already in autumn and look at the benefits: no mosquitoes, wasps or any other injects – only soft wind and warmed up lakes after the long and exhausting summer. Sounds like a biker´s paradise. Route  Day 1. Distance 83 […]

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Wanderer 2

“August is just a perfect travelling month in Finland by bike. Finnish nature is at its most bountiful in august when the crop is been gathered from the fields, apples are ripe and ready and you can really sense the aroma of sweetness while passing farms, apple gardens and wild meadows.”  Route It´s easy to […]

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Wanderer 1

“It has been just an amazing summer in Finland. So many sunny days and so incredible warm swimming waters. While cycling I love the most that cooling wind that gently pulls your t-shirt while rolling up and down the sandy country roads and stopping for photographing and for a swim. This is definitely a paradise […]

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Following I.K.Inha’s footsteps

I didn´t know much about I.K. Inha beforehand, but since I decided to start and follow his footsteps around Virrat lake sites I definitely was interested to get to know this past great Finnish photographer, writer, translator, journalist and nature lover. Route Day 1 Distance 12 km Early Tuesday morning I packed my bike and […]

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Scenic Route

Tampere region’s most famous cycling destination The Scenic Route (Maisemareitti) charms with ease because you can rotate it within one day. The whole trip is 30 km, so you can add some hooks and loops if you wish. I made some extra trips because I wanted to use all day visiting as many Pyhäjärvi beaches […]

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